Cerebral Dump


– Ain’t life weird

– Disposable human beings

– $10 dollar taco

– Asphixiated by corporate fascism

– Teamwork results in collective laziness

– Mexico cuacualtzin ihuan tlazohtli

– Maillots de bains sortis !

I constantly get death threats for closing port 25

– ¡ chincua tinantli !

– Quin chiquet tan gracios !

– Security should be a right not dependent on your ability to pay

– I’m an eggspert

– Horacio hace una pausa para remover sus gafas

РJe veux des cr̻pes !!!

– I wonder if there is a correlation between hard drive size and blindness

– That’s French with a capital F as in FUCK YOU, you ethnocentric piece of shit

– Tout seul chez moi ce weekend !

– Software sucks. Open Source sucks less

– Flying is not dangerous, crashing is dangerous

– Bunnies can be mean, you know

– A UNIX admin must be root. A Windows Admin must reboot

– I have learned that Anger and Will joined together, are the greatest Power

– I refuse to become a statistic

– Hoy mañana ayer será

– You don’t want no competition, what you want is bad competition

– encore à la Fac!!!

– We’ve already established what you are, ma’am. Now we’re just haggling over the price

– I said you were special… not UNIQUE!

– Necesito un clon!!!

– Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditiones habes.

– J’ai fait des crepes

– I’m usually alarmed by what humans do, though never surprised

– Artificial Intelligence is no match for natural stupidity

– Stop using “fascist” incorrectly. Its rude to all the true fascists, like myself

РSi dice il peccato ma non quanto ti ̬ piaciutto

– Suffering “e-mail stress”

– Schizophrenia is a perfectly reasonable response to modern society

– IE7 CSS Rendering: WYSIWTF!

– You feel much better once you’ve given up hope

– Joy is measured by the pint

– Have safe sex, go fuck yourself